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Welcome to the home of The Hammered Wombat - check out the Catalog over there on the left, buy lots of armour and enjoy your stay. Make sure to come back often, as I'm always adding something or other in the way of armour pictures, links, information and whatnot. Send me an email if you've got any questions.

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Some older work.

A 'Rus' (Russian Viking) inspired Spangenhelm for an SCA client.

This next one is also for an SCA client - an Ultuna style woven skull with a slatwork face based on the Sexy Beast.

A Japanese Zunari (head-shaped) Kabuto. I'm out of that thin white cord, so these are the most complete pictures I'll ever have of it.

Other recent pieces. All of these helms are compliant with Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) rules for heavy combat.

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